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Healthy Brain by Honeybrains Health (NON-GMO)


100% Natural Nutrient-Based Supplements to Enhance Lifelong Brain Health For Men & Women | Anti-Inflammatory | All-in-One Mind Enhancement: Color Pigments, B & D Vitamins, Omega 3, Iron & Magnesium & More | 60 capsules

THE FIRST ESSENTIAL BRAIN NUTRIENT ALL-IN-ONE SUPPLEMENT FOR BRAIN HEALTH, PERFORMANCE AND LONGEVITY: Healthy Brain provides daily, essential brain nutrients which contain plant pigments, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats that support lifelong brain health.  Most of our brains don’t have enough of 12 essential brain nutrients that can only be derived from foods or natural-based supplements.  Having adequate levels of these brain nutrients is critical in order for the brain to stay healthy over time.  Many of these nutrients are commonly lacking in our diets.  Healthy Brain provides a comprehensive combination of those nutrients that are low in our diet and therefore critical for optimal brain health.

FEEL MENTALLY SHARP & FOCUSED: Healthy Brain utilizes the color pigments in plants, specifically Lutein, lycopene, carotene, chlorophyll, and anthocyanin (from blueberry extract) to neutralize toxins.  It also uses healthy Omega 3 fats which improve the absorption of color pigments and help build and repair cells.  These nutrients help the body maintain an anti-inflammatory environment and allow the brain to function at its highest capability.  Most Americans get only 1/3 of the color pigments they need each day.  

FEED YOUR BRAIN WITH NATURALLY FOUND INGREDIENTS MISSING FROM YOUR DIET IN SUFFICIENT QUANTITIES: In addition to color pigments from plants, Healthy Brain utilizes natural minerals, such as iron and magnesium.  It also utilizes vitamins such as B6, B9, B12 and Vitamin D. Medical studies show that most of us do not get the necessary nutrients that we need to best support healthy brain function. This makes the Healthy Brain supplement essential for filling any nutrient gaps that you may have.

VITAMIN B REPLACEMENT WITH ADDED BENEFITS: Healthy Brain contains all essential Vitamin B complexes necessary for effective brain function, along with a host of other essential nutrients.  The Vitamin B12 in Healthy Brain is methylated because many people can’t process non-methylated Vitamin B12 – which is essential for brain health.  As a result, Healthy Brain is more than just your average B vitamin supplement.

WHO WOULD BENEFIT? Chances are, everyone! This supplement was formulated based on what the latest public health research shows regarding which nutrients are most commonly lacking in American diets. Therefore, anyone who doesn’t eat nine servings of fruits and vegetables per day, anyone who doesn’t get a serving of fish or nuts every day, or anyone who wants to maximize their chances for long-term brain health should take this supplement.

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