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Mental Edge by Honeybrains Health


100% Plant-Based Super Brain Nootropic Supplements to Enhance Focus/Clarity, Increase Concentration & Improve Memory | Immune System Booster | Clinically Proven Ingredients for Optimal Performance in Men and Women | 60 capsules

FEEL MENTALLY SHARP & FOCUSED: Mental Edge supports cognitive processes. Feeling sharper can help you become more effective not only in work but also in life.  Mental Edge contains a combination of ingredients that can promote efficiency of tasks that require a lot of thinking. Certain herbs, seeds, and foods can dilate brain blood vessels or influence neurotransmitter function, changing blood flow in brain regions that support different cognitive skills. Taking Mental Edge, as needed, may help you retain new information with less distraction, for longer periods of time.

HEIGHTEN COGNITIVE PERFORMANCE (MEMORY, MENTAL CLARITY AND FOCUS) WHILE BOOSTING YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM: Mental Edge utilizes herbs used in Ayurvedic medicine (an ancient Indian practice) for memory enhancement and also an amino acid from green tea that can promote focus, but whose capabilities are enhanced when combined with the other stimulating nutrients in Mental Edge.  Mental Edge also utilizes seeds loaded with flavonols, that in addition to boosting your immune system, can increase blood flow to the brain, which minimizes the chances for brain fog.  Flavonol-rich nutrients are not only good for creativity but also for healthier, more beautiful skin.

WHO WOULD BENEFIT? Anyone who wants to boost their focus, who needs to study or memorize things, or who wants help to help preserve their memory over time. 

BONUS EFFECT: More Beautiful Skin & Immune Health 

SCIENCE-BACKED, PLANT-BASED INGREDIENTS: Doctor-formulated, the Mental Edge supplement has four ingredients that are proven by systematic scientific reviews (verified by more than one human clinical trial) to target a different aspect of brain health. Many supplements have ingredients that sound or seem exotic but are unproven, or utilize wrong dosages of proven ingredients. It is important to choose science-backed products, at the right dose, to benefit the most.  

THE DIFFERENCE: Mental Edge is made with nutrients that can give an immediate effect and also, when taken long term, can lead to long-term improvements in brain health via better body health. Honeybrains supplements can safely be stacked with one another to create unique effects.

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