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At Honeybrains, we designed a selection of Nutrient-Based Supplements formulated by a neurologist to improve your brain and body health.  Each supplement reflects the latest science regarding what is most important for our brains.  The HB Supplements are good for you because they can help you feel good, have more energy, maintain an efficient metabolism, keep a healthy circulation, learn new things, and exercise longer with less muscle soreness.  All of these scientifically proven ways to improve brain and body health strengthen your brain's inner connections and are proven ways to maximize brain longevity.  When you brain is well-connected, you can achieve life's most challenging goals.

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We are crazy about raw honey and protecting bees. Bees pollinate approximately one-third of all the plant-based foods we eat.  Good honey is not only raw, but also made by beekeepers who allow their bees to eat their own honey for food, use eco-friendly pest control techniques, and protect their bees from the stress of commercial travel.  Having sustainable apiaries also ensures that our bee populations survive, crops remain pollinated, and nutritious foods remain bountiful for all.  We traveled to various apiaries and interviewed beekeepers to find the highest quality and most sustainably produced raw honeys.  Raw honey is good for you because it contains essential nutrients that your body and brain crave (i.e., color pigments, prebiotic sugars, minerals, and B vitamins).