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Power House by Honeybrains Health


Natural Metabolism, Energy & Thermogenesis Booster for Men & Women | Weight Loss Support | Improved Immune System | Premium Natural and Clinically Proven Ingredients that Support Fat Burning | 60 capsules

OPTIMIZE YOUR METABOLISM TO INCREASE ENERGY AND BE FIT: Power House promotes an efficient metabolism, the body’s process for burning energy from food.  An efficient metabolism can optimize fat burning and brain health.  Power House’s unique cocktail of ingredients was chosen not only to help burn energy but also to support an anti-inflammatory body environment.  Metabolic health not only improves physical health but improves brain health because when we optimize our metabolism, we are increasing our brain’s ability to get nutrients from food. 

BOOST YOUR BODY HEALTH AND BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM: Power House utilizes anti-inflammatory ingredients.  When the body has an anti-inflammatory environment, the immune system works better.  You also have more energy.

BONUS EFFECT: Promotes Hangover Prevention 

WHO WOULD BENEFIT? Anyone who wants to increase their energy, to have a healthier body or to have a healthier brain. A minor improvement in metabolic health when we are younger leads to significant brain health benefits later in life. 

SCIENCE-BACKED, NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Doctor-formulated, the Power House supplement has four ingredients that are proven by systematic scientific reviews (verified by more than one human clinical trial) to target a different aspect of metabolic health. Many supplements have ingredients that sound or seem exotic but are unproven, or utilize wrong dosages of proven ingredients.  It is important to choose science-backed products, at the right dose, to benefit the most.  

THE DIFFERENCE: Power House is made with nutrients that can give an immediate effect and also, when taken long term, can lead to long-term improvements in brain health via better body health. Honeybrains supplements can safely be stacked with one another to create unique effects.

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